Are E-Commerce Processors Making Credit Card Payments a Thing of the Past?

Alternative payments, such as e-commerce processors, exist to address needs that weren’t being met by traditional payments, but they won’t be content to simply satisfy those needs. They’ve already done that and now they’re on the road to glory, targeting the very market that was once the exclusive domain of credit cards. As e-commerce processors continue to grow, will credit card payments disappear entirely?

Credit card payments were the original digital money transfers. Before credit cards came along, all you had were cash and checks. Naturally, credit cards dominate the online landscape.
Now that the ways to exchange money or make a payment are nearly endless, checks have all but died out, but somehow credit cards live on. Why is that? What is it about credit card payments that allow them to maintain such a grasp on the market? And will it last?
Credit Cards vs. Alternative Payments
“Alternative payments” is a hard concept to grasp. It covers such a wide range of different tools, methods and platforms, and there’s no distinct difference that marks one type of payment as traditional and another as alternative. The only truly accurate definition of alternative payments is “any payment method that didn’t exist 25 years ago.”
But that begs the question: what happens when alternative payments become mainstream? What do we call them then? I grant that it’s confusing.
Alternative payments weren’t created in a vacuum. They arose to meet a variety of consumer demands that weren’t being met by credit card payments online. The main driving force in the rise of alternative payments was security concerns. The public grew increasingly aware of the risks involved in using online credit card processors and sought a way to shop online without revealing their credit card information.
That was the first chip in the veneer of credit card payments, and they have continued to erode slowly but surely ever since.
With the development of a variety of different gateways to accept online payments, the original demand for an alternative to credit card payments was met. Not only were alternative payment platforms more secure than credit cards, they were also more affordable. As these e-commerce processors grew more and more widely accepted, they began to introduce new features.
Now, online payment solutions have gotten to the point that they act like a digital wallet, which can be used anywhere without the consumer ever having to hand over their personal and payment information to the merchant.
A New World
There once was a time when people used to barter; they would trade one product for another, or maybe even trade a service for a product, or vice versa. Cash, in one form or another, eventually took over, and dominated the landscape up until about the 1950s, when credit cards were invented. From trading objects to online payment solutions, there have been countless changes that have taken place since the dawn of civilization, and we now find ourselves in a world where cold hard cash is being replaced slowly by other modes of payment.
The invention of online payment solutions is slowly making the world a cashless place. People used to go to the bank to withdraw cash, but now people never have to let cash touch their hands to buy the products they need on a daily basis. And now credit card payments are disappearing as well, in favor of fully digitalized e-wallets.

Today, more and more people are starting to shop online and use online payment solutions for their transactions because of how much more convenient, secure and affordable they are compared to traditional credit card payments. Since online payment solutions have come on to the scene, people don’t even need to go into physical stores anymore to get the products and services they needed; they could buy everything online and pay for it securely and instantly. It’s not just a Western phenomenon either; read this article to learn about the e-commerce revolution that is well underway in India, as well as around the world.

Auto Loans in Washington – 4 Simple Tips for Instant Approval

Auto financing companies and car lenders in Washington often make a pitch for “Instant Auto Loan Approval”. But, you should not apply without thorough preparation. Remember that if you plunge into the WA financing world without a proper plan, you will fail in your pursuit of instant approval.

It’s not very difficult to obtain instant auto loan approval in the Evergreen State. With just few tips and strategies, you will be confident of achieving your goal. So, without wasting any time, let’s start.

1. Myths about Credit Score

Many people are scared of their credit scores. But, credit history or credit score is not the only criterion for approval. Lenders consider several aspects of your loan application e.g. your income, age, employment, financial details, etc. So, don’t worry if you have bad credit history. Simply provide your income and employment details along with your financial documents. It will help the lender in ascertaining your stable financial condition.

2. Down Payment in Cash is not compulsory

Many experts of the auto financing field suggest making a down payment. But, it is not important if you have a good credit score. Lenders analyze your financial history. And, if they find regular payments in the past and current stable financial condition, they won’t compel you for down payment.

Also, down payment becomes less crucial if you are buying a used car. It is because used cars have low price and lower depreciation rate in comparison to new cars. In such a situation, lenders don’t have to undertake higher risk and thus, they won’t worry much about putting money down.

3. Trade-ins and Car Sale can help you

Now, you know that a down payment is not compulsory for used car. But, if you are buying a new car in Washington, it can very helpful. You don’t have to spend money from your wallet. You don’t even have to break your savings for down payment. Simply use your old car as down payment. Confused? Well, it is simple. You should ascertain the trade-in value of your old car. Your local dealer will be able to tell you that. Also, ask its sale value. In this case, you must not just rely on dealers. But, you can put it up online and check the response for your car. If you are getting good price, sell it online and use the same money as down payment.

4. Co-signer aids in Instant Approval

It doesn’t matter if your credit score is good or bad, additional help is always welcomed by lenders. A co-signer will help you in getting instant approval and affordable rates. The reason is simple. Lenders view co-signer as a guarantee of regular returns. They don’t mind if the co-signer makes monthly payments as long as they receive regular payments. Co-signer ensures the lender of safety and security. So, find a person with good credit score. He should be able to assume additional debt responsibility.

So, these are things that can help you in getting instant auto loan approval in Washington. Remember that the key for instant loan quotes lies in increasing lender’s trust in your loan application. Increase his faith in your financial stability and your chance of quick approval will increase instantly.

Offer More Web Payment Processing Options to Convert More Customers

Credit cards were once the be-all and end-all of online payments, but there’s a reason that has changed. There are so many alternative payment options out there today and every online shopper has their own preferred way to pay. By offering a variety of web payment processing tools for your customers to choose from, you can significantly improve your sales.

Credit cards are under threat by new alternative payment processing solutions. Web payment processing began as a way to increase the security of online shopping by allowing people to make purchases without revealing their sensitive financial information, but it’s become so much more.
However, while more and more people are moving away from using credit cards when shopping online, because there are more online payment options than ever before, not all shoppers are choosing the same alternatives. As an online entrepreneur, you need to offer as many choices as you can in order to convert the most customers.
A study by Quality Research Associates has found that websites providing four or more payment methods had a sales conversion rate 20% percent higher than those offering just one online payment option. In other words, the more online payment options you offer, the more web payment processing you’ll do on your site and the more money you’ll make.
There are four basic ways to pay which every online business should offer:
1. Credit Card Processing
Despite all the alternatives, credit cards are still the most popular way for people to make online payments (for now!). Credit cards are fast and cheap, but they’re not very secure. As cybercrime continues to grow in quantity and in sophistication, more and more people will realize that it is in their best interest to play it safe, and will opt for one of the following alternatives.
2. E-Commerce Processors
E-commerce processors were originally designed to act as a middle-man between your credit card information and the merchant, as an added layer of security against fraud. However, they’ve evolved into all-in-one payment processing solutions. While most still support credit card payments, they also allow you to pay by “e-wallet” – which you can fund by credit card, bank transfer, direct deposit, check, etc.
3. Debit Cards
As the general public becomes more wary of the potential debt trap associated with using credit cards, debit cards are becoming more popular both at the point-of-sale and online. Banks, realizing this, have been developing the infrastructure for debit card payments to be supported by web payment processing. Debit card payments are especially convenient because the money goes directly from your bank account to the merchant, no third-party necessary.
4. Offline Payment Options
Some potential customers would rather skip web payment processing entirely and talk to a live person, and it’s important to offer that option as well. While it’s much less convenient, paying in person is the safest way to pay, so include a phone number or an order form or these potential customers will shop somewhere else.
Building a successful e-commerce business in today’s lightning-fast economy means you need to embrace every opportunity, from choosing the perfect shopping cart for your wares to testing and re-testing your website design. Every decision will have an impact on your bottom line, but your approach to web payment processing will have an effect unlike anything else. You work to give your customers the best service and the best value, so why would you cut corners when it comes times for them to pay?

The success of your online business depends on sales. So why deliberately decrease your sales potential by limiting your customers’ web payment processing options? Credit cards are convenient and omnipresent, and many consumers are enrolled in rewards programs which encourage them to pay by credit card, but more and more people are choosing the alternatives. By offering as many online payment processing options as possible, you can make as many sales as possible. The smoother your customers’ shopping experience is, the more satisfied they will be with your service. To find out how payment processing solutions will grow your business, read this article.